5 Tips for Perfect Beach Wedding Flowers

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1. Mind the tropical climate. Will your delicate flowers hold up to the wind, salt and sun of an outdoor wedding? Delicate blooms can wither in the heat, so it is best to pick flowers that can stand up to Mother Nature. Surprisingly, even though roses look fragile, a bridal bouquet made of roses will actually hold up beautifully for your beach wedding.

2. Keep it simple. Beach weddings should have two focal points. The first is the bride (sorry grooms, but we all know this to be true). The second is the background of the sea and sunset. Pick floral arrangements that compliment, and not take away from the beauty of a beach wedding. You can save the splash for the table design.

3. Consider the season. You may have your heart set on peonies, but keep in mind their growing season is late spring and early summer. Also, flowers that are common and plentiful elsewhere may not be as easy to find in a tropical setting. Sunflowers, roses, lilies and the ever-popular succulents are usually available year round.

4. Timeless bouquets are more important than the latest trend.  Look at wedding photos from years- even decades- past and find the elements that most appeal to you. Look at the ones that scream dated, so you can avoid those as well. Too big, and colors not from nature tend to age the worst. With that said- pick what speaks to you! It's your wedding, so pick the color and size that makes your heart happy. 

5. Keeping it real...with advice. Think about using artificial flowers. Now, hear me out. Usually, artificial flowers bring up memories of craft stores and penny-pinching. Today's flowers are nothing of the kind. The "Real Touch" flowers are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, and you don't have to worry about weather, wind or weight (you would be surprised how heavy bouquets can be). The real touch part means that they even feel like a real flower. You can also have any flower, in any color, from any season. They can be super expensive (Real Touch blooms generally cost $8-$16 per stem, since they are so carefully crafted). Best advice- rent a bouquet of real touch blooms. Really- you can rent anything these days! Can you pick which bouquet is the one made from real touch flowers, and the one from real flowers?

Beach Wedding Flowers for Destination Weddings on Anna Maria Island FloridaBeach Wedding Flowers for Destination Weddings on Anna Maria Island Florida

* Trick question! They are both real touch flowers!

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